Managing complexity in MSK conditions

Matthew Low

The aim of this article is to present a case study that reflects some of the challenges in translating the multitude of evidence into clinical practice and the context of the individual with multi-morbidity.

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The role of clinician emotion in clinical reasoning: Balancing the analytical process

Neil Langridge et al.

This review paper identifies and describes the role of clinicians' memory, emotions and physical responses in clinical reasoning processes. 

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A novel clinical framework: The use of dispositions in clinical practice. A person centred approach

Matthew Low

This novel framework aims to facilitate improved collaborative clinical reasoning, enhanced patient‐practitioner interaction, and supported treatment planning.

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The clinical reasoning processes of extended scope physiotherapists assessing patients with low back pain

Neil Langridge et al.

In these advancing roles, little is written about the clinical reasoning processes that clinicians use in managing patients with musculoskeletal pain and knowledge of these processes would advance training for new recruits to this arena.

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A time to reflect on motor control in MSK Physical Therapy

Matthew Low

Motor control is a popular concept within physical therapy practice and has received a significant amount of attention over the last 25 years. It has been implicitly conceived and understood by clinicians and researchers throughout this time, yet appears to differ considerably with respect to its definition and translation into clinical practice.

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The skills, knowledge and attributes needed as a first‐contact physiotherapist in musculoskeletal healthcare

Neil Langridge

This new model of care is challenging physiotherapists to work in new ways, and so an understanding of these roles is timely and wil contribute to the growing knowledge regarding these practitioners and their impact.